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Thursday, 29 May 1930

Senator GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Provision is made in this bill for the payment of a fixed price for grapes.

Senator Sir GEORGEPEARCE.Not in this clause.

Senator GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - But it is in the bill.

Senator Sir GEORGEPEARCE.In a clause that has been passed. Provision is made for the payment of a bounty on fortified wine, and if my amendment i3 carried the manufacturer of wine will have to certify that the wages paid are those which the Minuter is satisfied are in accordance with Arbitration Court awards. That is a similar amendment to that which I moved in 1905, and which the Minister said he was prepared to accept.

Senator Daly - No; I said I accepted the principle.

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE - The principle is the same. The Minister referred to repatriated soldiers and suggested that they would benefit by the bounty. They will not be prejudiced if my amendment is carried.

Senator Daly - But the scheme might collapse.

Senator Sir GEORGEPEARCE".How can it? Is it contended that the labour employed in the industry is poorly paid and that the South Australian Parliament in particular is not competent or willing to protect those engaged in the industry?

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