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Friday, 9 May 1930

Mr. C.H. Voss, Australian Common weallth commercial representative in France, whose activities in that country are centralized in the offices of the British Chamber of Commerce in Paris-

That is to say, the Commonwealth rents an office from the chamber-- in the course of a report at the annual meeting of the chamber on February 7, said: "The new tariff increases which recently came into force immediately provoked a movement of retaliation on the part of tho French authorities, and Australian butter and wheat are henceforth to be subjected to a super tax of 200 per cent, over and above the existing rate. These duties will no doubt make a difference to our exports to franco of such products, but the total figure will not be greatly affected as, following on France's recent wheat compaign, the purchases of cereals had already diminished to a great extent."

Having read the statement mentioned, I considered that the action of France was tantamount to retaliation for the imposition of heavy duties by this government on imports from France and that we were getting "some of our own back." Evidently the commercial representative of the Commonwealth in France takes the view that the increase in the French duties was in the nature of retaliatory action on the Commonwealth for imposing high duties on goods which France exports to Australia.

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