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Wednesday, 5 November 1913

Senator DE LARGIE (Western Australia) .- Last week I gave Mr. Joseph Cook a little bit of praise. I then thought that we should be sure to find him complying with the request of the Senate to attend and give evidence before the Chinn Committee. Seeing that he has been so free in expressing opinions outside, when his statements were not made on oath, "by any manner of means, we thought that he would be equally ready to justify them before the Select Committee. Now, however, we find that when he is afforded an opportunity of having his scandalous statements examined, he discreetly declines to appear. This is a matter that Senator Oakes might very well take to heart. Today he has asked for extended powers for the Select Committee to make inquiries, . but we find the immaculate Joseph, the leader of the honorable senator's party, refusing to give evidence. This will give the .public another proof of the lengths to which the Government will go to burke inquiry. I hope the country will have an opportunity before long of knowing the full truth about this scandalous case. It is a pity that more has not been published by the press about it. But when the time comes for a report of the Committee to be published, it will be seen how much justification there was for the statements made by Mr. Cook outside. As the Chairman of the Committee I am sorry that I shall not have an opportunity of cross-examining Mr. Cook, and regret also that the other members of the Committee will not have a similar chance. I am quite satisfied that he could not justify on oath the statements that he made outside.

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