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Thursday, 30 October 1913

Senator McCOLL (Victoria) (VicePresident of the Executive Council) . - I have the information which Senator Pearce has asked for in regard to quarantine. It states -


The plans for these stations are now being prepared, and exact estimates cannot be given until the plans are completed and the details Worked out. The Sydney Animal Quarantine Station will have to be removed to give place to the Zoological Gardens.

General Quarantine Stations.

Townsville -

Jetty, £2,610; road , £1,250; isolation hospital, observation block, caretaker's quarters, detention accommodation, disinfection, £6,055. Total, £9,915.

Thursday Island -

Jetty, £2,562; isolation hospital, caretaker's cottage, administration block, £2,890. Total,£5,452.

Brisbane -

Isolation hospital, attendant's quarters, observation block, administrative block, £4,760; motor boat, £600; other minor works, £250. Total, £5,710.

The above are exact estimates, furnished by the Home Affairs Department.

Darwin -

Isolation hospital, block water supply and jetty, caretaker's quarters, £2,250.

This statement has been furnished by the Home Affairs Department, but is now under consideration.

Broome -

Complete station, including - Isolation hospital and observation block, caretaker's quarters, water supply, detention accommodation, administrative disinfection block (rough estimate), £4,000.

The plans now being prepared.

The principal policy of the Department for the forthcoming year is to get the stations around the northern coast, namely, Brisbane, Townsville, Thursday Island, Darwin, and Broome, built; these are urgently required. These stations account for £27,327 of the £40,000.

Hobart. - No satisfactory accommodation exists at this port, and it is intended to provide -

Isolation hospital and observation block, disinfection block, attendant's quarters, kitchen and dining accommodation (rough estimate), £3,000.

Fremantle. - Several important works will be taken in hand as soon as the question of the site of the Naval Base is settled. If the quarantine station is to remain where it is then there will be necessary -

Water supply scheme, kitchen and dining accommodation, extra detention accommodation, about £3,000.

If the station has to be removed as the result of any decision with regard to the Naval Base, then a cost of anything up to £15,000 or £20,000 may ultimately be necessary.

Bunbury. - There will be required here -

Disinfecting station, caretaker's quarters, and other buildings (rough estimate), £1,000.

Melbourne -

Extra dormitory block, £2,000.

Adelaide -

Completion of disinfecting block, £1,000.

Sydney -

Extra hospital accommodation, £1,500; completion of disinfecting laundry buildings now in progress and of dining-room block now in progress, £2,000. Total, £3,500.

Grand total, £44,327.

The above represents the work contemplated. Some of the work will remain uncompleted at the end of the year, and estimates have been framed with that certainty in view.

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