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Thursday, 30 October 1913

Senator McCOLL (Victoria) (VicePresident of the Executive Council) . - The agreement sets out that -

The said Walter Burley Griffin shall be entitled during the continuance of this agreement to engage in the private practice of his profession in so far as such practice will not interfere with the performance by him of his duties under this agreement, and so that at least one-half of his time shall be devoted to his dutiesunder this agreement.

That the said Walter Burley Griffin will, during the continuance of this agreement -

(a)   For the purposes of the creation and development of the Federal Capital City at Canberra, prepare general designs, specifications, plans, and documents, and generally direct the details and execution of works necessary to give effect to them, and in particular, but without limiting the foreging words : -

Public ways and parks, Paving of roads and other ways, Street and park planting, City beautification, Services and equipment,

Accessory structures.

(b)   Advise upon the future development of the Federal Capital City, including the location of structures, their coordination, constructional materials, and relative scale and proportions.

(c)   Advise upon and (if so requested by the Minister) prepare conditions of competitions for public buildings and works for the Federal Capital City and preliminary feature plans for the guidance of competitors.

(d)   Not compete in any of the said com petitions.

(e)   Advise upon the allocation of " zones " for various purposes of occupation in connexion with the Federal Capital City.

(f)   Draft a code of regulations covering the general character of private improvements as well as safety and sanitary requirements of constructions.

(g)   Perform any other work in connexion with the Federal Capital City which is in keeping with the character of the position of Federal Capital Director of Design and Construction.

(h)   Exercise all reasonable care and diligence in carying out his duties under the agreement.

Those are the duties which Mr. Griffin is to carry out.

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