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Wednesday, 1 October 1913

Senator BAKHAP (TASMANIA) asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

If he will take into consideration the desirability of issuing instructions to the visiting expert who has been engaged to report on the naval harbors of the Commonwealth to carefully examine the River Tamar, with a view to its status being raised in connexion with the Naval Defence Scheme, as the result of a favorable report ?

Senator MILLEN - The answer is -

A Destroyer sub-Base and Submarine sub-Base has been recommended by Admiral Henderson to be established in the River Tamar. The river is at present suitable for that purpose, and no further examination is considered necessary.

Senator PEARCE asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

Is it not a fact that bores had been put down to a depth of 40 feet on both the Parmelia and Success Banks at Cockburn Sound, West Australia, under the direction of the late Govern- ment, and were not the reports of such borings in the possession of the Naval Board before February, 1913?

Senator MILLEN - I must apologize to Senator Pearce, and to the Senate, for not having the answer to his question with me now. Something has occurred to prevent the document leaving the Navy Office in time to reach me. If the honorable senator will give me an opportunity at the close of the sitting, I may be able to furnish him with the information he desires.

Senator PEARCE asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1.   In reference to the minutes of the Third Naval Member of the Naval Board, dated 18th July, 1013, as to alleged injudicious expenditure at the Henderson Naval Base, Cockburn Sound, has the Minister yet asked the Third Naval Member to indicate the particulars of " injudicious expenditure" referred to?

2.   If so, will he lay upon the table of the Senate a copy of the report?

Senator MILLEN - I am under the necessity of making the same apology to the honorable senator as I had to make regarding a previous question put by him. In both cases the documents, for some reason or another, have been delayed in transit, and I, therefore, ask the honorable senator to repeat his question.

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