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Saturday, 21 December 1912

Senator McGREGOR(South Australia-

Vice- President of the Executive Council) [11.31]. - I move -

That the Senate do now adjourn.

Seeing that we have finished a very arduous session, I wish to thank all the loyal supporters of the Government who up to the present time have never failed in having a quorum present to carry on the business of the country, and seeing that it is so near Christmas, I desire to thank the members of the Opposition for their moderation and their kindly feelings from a personal point of view, so far as the Government is concerned. I also desire, on behalf of the Government, to thank the officers of the Senate, who have carried out their duties so faithfully and so well, and I particularly wish to extend the thanks of the Government to our secretary, Mr.

Knowles, who has assisted us in our work in a manner which could not be surpassed. I also desire to thank the Hansard staff. These gentlemen have had such a task imposed upon them that it is almost marvellous how they have carried it out. I am sure that no honorable senator who reads over the reports of his speeches in Hansard as the work of these gentleman can have a word of complaint to make. I have never heard one word. I thank all those who have contributed to the success of the session.

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