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Friday, 6 December 1912

Senator STEWART (Queensland) . - I ask the permission of the Senate to withdraw my amendment.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Senator STEWART - I beg to move-

That the word " adopted " be left out, with a view to adding the words, " referred back to the Printing Committee for the reconsideration of its Report as to the following Papers, with a view to their being printed : - Advertising by Federal Departments - Return showing cost, General Post Office, Perth - Particulars of Lands acquired for site,' &c. ; Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway - Papers re adoption of Karri Sleepers; Lands purchased or resumed in the Financial Years 1910-11, 1911-12 - Return."

I have nothing to add to what I have already said in support of my proposal. Judging by the remarks of several honorable senators, who apparently are in sympathy with my idea, there seems to be a notion abroad that the Senate ought to get more information.

Senator Rae - We- cannot get time to read what we are already supplied with.

Senator STEWART - That is quite true. Each honorable -senator does not wish to read every paper that is presented to Parliament - it would not be possible to do so - but I am sure that there are some papers which every honorable senator desires to read. They may have reference to particular subjects in which he takes an interest, and that being the case, I think that they ought to be printed. Papers are presented to one House or the other, and if a paper is worthy of being placed ' on the table for the information of legislators, it ought to be printed.

The PRESIDENT - Order ! The honorable member made a speech when he moved his first amendment; then he asked the Senate for leave to amend the amendment, which he obtained, and now he is making, not a speech on the amended amendment, but on the general question which he has already exhausted.

Senator STEWART - Very good, sir.

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