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Friday, 6 December 1912

The PRESIDENT - I wish to point out to Senator. Stewart that he will have to hand in his amendment in writing, and also to call his attention to standing order 40. He will realize that two of the papers which he desires to be printed have not been laid upon the table of the Senate, but only upon the table of 'the House of Representatives. We have no power to print papers that are tabled in that House, because they have a standing order practically similar to our standing order 40, which reads -

The custody of the Journals, Records, and all documents whatsover laid before the Senate shall be in the Clerk, who shall neither take, nor permit to be taken, any such Journals, Records, or documents from the chamber or offices' without the express leave of the Senate.

Senator Guthrie - What about the Joint Committee?

The PRESIDENT - The papers are referred to the Joint Committee for a recommendation, but it does not deal with the powers of either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

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