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Wednesday, 4 December 1912

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) . - I regret that I have to oppose the printing of any paper, but the petition has been read at the "request of certain honorable senators, who did not understand its purport when it was stated by Senator de Largie, and I doubt very much if any honorable senator understands its purport now. I listened very attentively to Senator de Largie in the first place, and to the Clerk in the second place, but in the petition I cannot see any relevance to any particular subject.

Senator Lynch - The printing of the petition might make it clearer.

Senator KEATING - Is the country to be burdened with the expense of printing documents in order to produce clarity? I do not think so. I can quite understand the position of Senator de Largie, who has received a petition from some constituents, and in accordance with their request has presented it to the Senate, and asked that it be printed. The same unfortunate lot might happen to any one of us, but I think that as a body we ought to decline to lend senatorial aid to the production and reproduction of publications of this character. I do not think that Senator de Largie, at the present moment, could explain to us what is the purpose of the petition.

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