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Thursday, 28 November 1912

Senator MILLEN asked the Minister representing the Minister of External Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Do the pastoral leases current in the Northern Territory contain a covenant by the lessee to stock the land leased?

2.   If so, is this covenant being observed?

3.   If it is not being observed, will the Minister state in how many cases, and in respect to what area, lessees have failed to comply with this condition?

Senator McGREGOR - The answers to the honorable senator's questions are -

1.   Yes.

2.   Yes, generally. It should be explained that, in cases where several contiguous leasesare held by the same lessee, it has been the practice to regard the leases as fully stocked where the total number of stock owned by the lessee is sufficient to cover the total obligations of the lessee in regard to stocking, irrespective of whether such stock might happen to be on one or other particular lease.

3.   In a few cases where there is reason tobelieve that the land is not fully stocked, inquiries on that point are now being made.

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