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Friday, 22 November 1912

Senator ST LEDGER (Queensland) - - Ihave already said that I do not think the amendment of the House of Representatives will sufficiently protect the interests of pilots who to-day hold licences. I move -

That the amendment be amended by adding; the words " but such licensee shall be eligible to act as such."

That will give some hope to these men, that their interests will not be overlooked.

The CHAIRMAN - If the honorable senator's amendment were accepted, the words to be inserted after the word "pilot "" would read - but no such licence shall entitle the holder toact as pilot at a port at which pilotage is compulsory under this Act, but such licensee shall be eligible to act as such.

It appears to me that the amendment submitted by Senator St. Ledger is a contradiction of the amendment now before the Committee. It seems to me that it would negative that amendment.

Senator Millen - Surely there is a difference between what a man is entitled toand what he is eligible for ?

Senator Pearce - If he is eligible, he is entitled.

Senator Millen - No, not necessarily.

Senator Vardon - Making a man eligible for a billet does not give him the billet.

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