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Friday, 22 November 1912

The CHAIRMAN - This question was raised yesterday afternoon. I have gone into the matter again, and it seems to me that the point of order must be. upheld. We are dealing with the House of Representatives' amendment to clause 333, which merely changes the term " coastal " to " licensed." That is only a matter of designation. I again remind honorable senators that discussion of the widest kind, and ranging over the whole question of the duties and liabilities of pilots may take place when we are dealing with the House of Representatives' amendments to clauses 351 and 352. I rule that Senator Gould will not be in order in discussing the duties and responsibilities of pilots on the motion now before the Committee.

Senator Lt.-Colonel Sir ALBERTGOULD (New South Wales) [10.55].- I am prepared, sir, to accept your ruling, though I should have expected some support for my contention, although, as you have pointed out, a full discussion of thematter with which I desired to deal may take place on later amendments. I ask: the Minister why the proposal to substitute "licensed" pilots for"coastal"' pilots is made?

Senator Pearce - Because "licensed" is the most appropriate term for the classof pilots referred to. A coastal pilot will be a licensed pilot under the Bill.

Senator Guthrie - The honorable senator would not have compulsory pilots at Port Stephen.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir ALBERT GOULD - The honorable senator should know that under the ruling of the Chair I am not allowed to talk about that now. Possibly the Minister is unable, for a similar reason, to give me the information desired, but I should like to know whether the alteration was not made in view of an intention to make a further amendment in the clause at a later stage.

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