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Thursday, 31 October 1912

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister of Defence) . - I move -

That the amendment be agreed to.

This amendment is to remedy an omission in the Bill, The clause at present provides that the master may engage substitutes in the place of' seamen who fail to join at the time specified in the agreement; that, is, newlyengaged men ; but no provision is made for the engagement of substitutes in the place of any seaman already belonging to the ship who deserts at the last moment. The alteration, proposed is on the lines of the Imperial Merchant Shipping Act 1894, section 115, the New Zealand Shipping and Seamen Act1908, section 42, and the Canadian Shipping Act 1906, section 156.

Motion agreed to.

Clause 48 - (1.) An agreement may be made for a voyage, or, if the voyages oi the ship average less than six months in duration, may be made to extend over two or more voyages, and agreements so made to extend over two or more voyages are in this Act referred to as " running agreements." (2.) A running agreement shall not extend beyond six months from the date thereof -.

Provided that every such agreement shall, in any case, remain in force until the ship reaches a port of destination, and the crew - shall be considered engaged when the agreement is first signed, and discharged when the employment ends.

Provided further that when a ship the crew of which have been engaged under a running agreement which has been in foTce more than six months reachesa port other than a port of destination, and the ship is not then on her way back to the port of discharge mentioned in the agreement, the crew shall be entitled to claim their discharge, and the master or owner shall be liable to provide themwith a passage to the port of discharge or to such other port as is mutually agreed towith the approval of the superintendent.

House of Representatives' Amendment.- Omit the words " ship reaches a port of destination " and insert " ship's arrival at a port of destination and the discharge of cargo consequent on that arrival."

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