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Wednesday, 30 October 1912

Senator CLEMONS (Tasmania) . - I have no objection to attempt a correction in that way, but it is my intention, at the proper stage, to move for a recommittal, in order that the previous difficulty of Senator Guthrie may be overcome.

Senator Long - Why not take the opportunity which is suggested by Senator Millen?

Senator CLEMONS - It is all the same to me when it is done.

Senator Keating - Move a request now.

Senator CLEMONS - I move-

That the House of Representatives be requested to amend the Schedule by increasing the total to£900,000.

Senator Guthrie - That was not my object. I had quite another object.

Senator Rae - I do not object to a vote being taken, but I wish to know, sir, whether a request which will have substantially the same effect as the request which has just been negatived, can be moved. I wish to have the point settled, not so much in connexion with this Bill as a guide in the future, because in the New South Wales Parliament I have been prevented from doing what is now proposed by Senator Clemons.

Senator Needham - This is a remarkable situation which has arisen. If the Committee should carry this request, it will stultify its previous decision.

Senator Clemons - That is why I wanted to move for a recommittal in the ordinary way.

Senator Needham - The Committee has, by a vote, determined that a certain thing shall not be done, and now, under cover of the procedure suggested by the Leader of the Opposition, it is invited to stultify its vote. This request, if carried, would attain exactly the same object as would have been attained if the previous request bad been carried. I am not supporting the point of order of Senator Rae against Tasmania. I voted in favour of a grant of£500,000 The Committee has decided that Parliament should assist Tasmania to that extent, and if the request now moved is accepted the Committee will stultify itself.

Senator Clemons - To save you from rilling on the point, sir, I shall, by leave, withdraw my request, with the intention of moving for the recommittal of the Bill at the report stage.

Request, by leave, withdrawn.

Schedule, preamble, and. title agreed to.

Bill reported without amendment.

Motion (by Senator McGregor) proposed -

That the report be adopted.

Motion (by Senator Clemons) put -

That the Bill be recommitted, with a view tohe reconsideration, of clause 2, and consequent amendments.

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