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Wednesday, 30 October 1912

The PRESIDENT - Last week, I asked honorable senators to hand in their names to the Clerk, together with the addresses to which they desired the bound volumes of Hansard and Parliamentary Papers to be sent. Senator Sayers then stated that his volumes had not yet reached him. I promised to make inquiries. I communicated with the Government Printer, and have received the following reply -


In reply to your memorandum of the 24th inst. stating that Senator Sayers has complained that he has not yet received the bound volumes of Parliamentary Papers for last session, I beg to inform you that the volumes in question were delivered to the Senate room, Parliament House, on 31st May, 1912, in accordance with the request of Senator Sayers, dated 14th December, 1911.

The signature for the volumes referred to is not decipherable.

A.   j. Mullett,

Acting Government Printer.

The Clerk of the Senate,


On receipt of that communication I caused inquiries to be made as to whether the volumes for Senator Sayers were addressed to Parliament House. It was then found that they were, and have been for some considerable time, in the Opposition room upstairs. I again express the wish that honorable senators will make it convenient to furnish the Clerk with the addresses to which they wish their bound volumes to be sent during next recess.

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