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Wednesday, 30 October 1912

Senator FINDLEY (VICTORIA) (Ministerwithout portfolio) - Yes ; and in the different Departments of the Commonwealth. These machines will be installed if the Bill becomes law. Honorable senators should not take the narrow view that the Bill should not be passed, because it is intended mainly to convenience the commercial world. Commercial men form an important section of the community, and by the use of these machines they will be able to carry on their business more expeditiously, and also economically because we all know that leakages take place in the use of adhesive stamps. The proposal also has some advantages from a hygienic point of view. I hope that the objection to the measure will not be persisted in. Honorable senators must recognise that before these machines are brought into operation, the authorities of the Post and Telegraph Department will thoroughly satisfy themselves that their use will be in the best interests of the Department, and of the citizens generally. If it be still contended that opportunities will be afforded for the perpetration of fraud, I repeat that a punishment of two years' imprisonment, in view of the fact that the imitation stamp impression can be of no value to any one but the firm using a particular machine, should be a sufficient guarantee that the fears expressed by some honorable senators in this connexion are not well founded.

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