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Thursday, 10 October 1912

Sapphira accused Fisher of having torn down the Union Jack, and trampled it in besodden degradation in the blood of slaughtered Fatmen. If she didn't say that she tried to say something equally tragic. Here again Sapphira lied. Fisher is a loyal Scotchman who, time after time, has repudiated to the satisfaction of the public the dirty charges made by a lot of dirty political harridans and hooligans - the pimps and bootwipes of the trust bosses and Freetraders. Sapphira raged about the Caucus domination and other vague imbecilities, that haunt the barren minds of Tory windbags of either gender. Of course, there is no such thing as domination of Labour members of Parliament by the Caucus or by the Union, outside the imagination of Conservatives afflicted with political jim-jams.

There is another column, but I do not intend to read the lot. I wish to draw attention to the last paragraph, as it bears more particularly on a Bill which was passed a short time ago. But before making the quotation, let me mention, inorder that there shall be no mistake, that this newspaper was bought by my wife at the office of the Labour Call on the 20th June, 1912, and that her signature is attached to it. The last paragraph reads -

If Sapphira would but take to herself in matrimony some robust young man, the mad flickers which now obstruct and disorder her mental vision would pass away, and she would be enabled to take a saner view of the whole field of politics.

That is written about a perfectly respectable young woman, whose only vice, if she has a vice, is the fact that she is opposed to the organ which represents the Labour party in Victoria. I make the.Victorian Labour party and the rest of: the Labour parties a present of it.

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