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Wednesday, 2 October 1912

Senator McDOUGALL (NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1.   What positions in the military service are held by Colonel R. Wallace?

2.   What duties are performed by this officer in respect of each position held by him?

3.   What is the total strength of the staff he finds necessary to assist him in carrying out the duties of the positions held bv him, with rank, name, pay, and duties of each?

4.   Is he graded as senior to each District Commandant in the Commonwealth in respect to his position on the Military Board?

5.   As officer commanding the Royal Australian Artillery is Colonel Wallace senior or junior in respect to his position to each District Commandant?

6.   Has Colonel Wallace attended a course of gunnery instruction in England ?

7.   What class certificate was awarded him for this course at its termination?

8.   What officers have attended similar courses since Colonel Wallace returned from England, and what class certificate was awarded in each case, and what positions do these officers now occupy ?

9.   Are these positions junior or senior to those held by Colonel Wallace?

10.   What new positions have been created in the permanent commissioned ranks in 1912?

11.   What are the names, rank, length of service, and pay of officers appointed ?

12.   What officers receive an increase of pay for1912 and 1913, giving names, rank, and amount of increase in each case?

13.   How many of these officers have served under the Chief of Ordnance?

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