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Thursday, 15 August 1912

Senator VARDON (South Australia) . - All that Senator Chataway desires to insure is that a man shall reap the reward of his own brains and technical knowledge.

Senator McGregor - That is provided for in the Bill now.

Senator VARDON - Some of these manufacturing processes are oftentimes very simple, though known only to the manufacturer himself. In connexion with the manufacture of cotton, I recollect that, some years ago, in a certain place, one operative was very much more successful than any one else. When somebody inquired of him the secret of his success, he replied : " Chalk your bobbin." That was a very simple thing, but it enabled him to get very much better results. Why ' should a man like that be compelled to reveal his methods for the benefit of his competitors? It does seem to me unreasonable for the Government to say, " We will not accept any amendment no matter whether it would have a beneficial effect or otherwise." The amendment suggested by Senator Chataway would not weaken the Bill in any way, and I hope, therefore, that it will be accepted.

Amendment negatived.

Proposed new section agreed to.

Proposed new sections 6dd and 6e agreed to.

Proposed new section 6f -

A Royal Commission may inspect any documents, books, or writings produced before it, and may retain them for such reasonable period as it thinks fit, and may make copies of such matter as is relevant to the inquiry, or take extracts from them.

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