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Wednesday, 31 July 1912

Senator HENDERSON (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) - That is exactly the remark I was about to make. They have sucked the blood of Labour men long enough,and those who carry Labour principles in their souls to-day know exactly where their friends are. I trust that the present Government will always weigh well the capabilities of any man whom they appoint to any position. I could find fault with one or two appointments which they have made. I could find fault with them not because the persons appointed were Fusionists, but because it would have been much better if more capable men had been chosen. However, I am not going to make any charge against anybody. I am simply going to read another piece of evidence that has come to hand in regard to the abilities of Mr. Chinn. It is the evidence of honest men - of men who, I think, no one in this Senate will doubt. I am sure that no candid man will think that they put this testimony on paper for the mere sake of doing so. I have before me a letter dated -

Pitt's Building, Collins-stieet,

Melbourne, 15th November, 1902. it is addressed to "Mr. H. Chinn, C.E." I suppose that means "civil engineer."

Senator Millen - Which he is not.

Senator HENDERSON - Which he is.

Senator Needham - Honorable senators opposite cannot prove that he is not a civil engineer.

Senator HENDERSON - I will quote the letter.

Mr. H.Chinn, C.E., I have intimately known for a considerable number of years. He has been engaged on a great many pi our most important engineering works in this State, also in Tasmania, New South Wales, and Queensland. I am in a position to state that he is a thoroughly competent and qualified engineer, and will, I am sure, give every satisfaction in whatever capacity he may be engaged. He carries with him the goodwill and respect of all those with whom he has been associated both for his professional ability and private character.

That is marvellous ! He must have a private character after all ! The letter is signed -

William Pitt,

Chairman, Melbourne Harbor Trust.

This gentleman is also, I believe, an architect and a contractor.

Senator Givens - Does the honorable senator think that Mr. Chinn has any right to live at all ?

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