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Friday, 26 July 1912

Senator NEEDHAM (Western Australia) . - There is a reference in the proposed new section 26a to mooring, grounds for vessels subject to quarantine, but I see nothing in the section to prevent a vessel being brought right alongside a wharf, even when flying the yellow flag.. I remember that on one occasion a German steamer, flying the yellow flag, came right alongside the wharf at Fremantle. She had waited at the Gage Roads, at the entrance to Fremantle harbor, for an hour or two for a doctor, but the weather wasso stormy that the doctor refused to board the pilot steamer to go out to the Roads tomeet the vessel. I do not think that alongside a wharf is a proper mooring ground for a vessel having disease on board. Smallpox was reported to have broken out on the vessel to which I refer, but, though it was discovered later that thedisease was not small-pox, it might very well have beer that dread disease, and, in the circumstances, I think the vessel should not have been allowed to come right alongside the wharf. If a vessel flies the yellow flag, I say that, no matter what kind of weather prevails, it is the duty of the doctor toboard such, a vessel.

Senator Guthrie - Suppose the weather is such that he cannot do so.

Senator NEEDHAM - In the case towhich I refer, the pilot boat went out to the vessel, and the doctor might have gone out on the pilot boat.

Senator Guthrie - Perhaps she would not take him.

Senator NEEDHAM - She waited for him. If the state of the weather is suchthat a pilot boat can go out to meet a vessel, and put a pilot on board, the doctor in charge of quarantine at the port should certainly go out with him. Alt deep-sea vessels are required to have a pilot to take them to the mooring groundsin the Fremantle harbor, and, when a pilot can board a vessel, a doctor can doso.

Senator Millen - Are there not masters with exemption certificates, who are not obliged to take a pilot?

Senator NEEDHAM - Some of the masters of Inter-State vessels possessing exemption certificates are not required totake a pilot, but all deep-sea vessels must have a pilot to bring them into their moorings in Fremantle harbor. It may not be possible to make the necessary provision in this proposed new section, but the Minister should see that, by regulation, no vessel flying the yellow flag should be allowed to moor alongside a wharf.

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