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Friday, 26 July 1912

Motion (by Senator McColl) agreed to -

That a return be laid on the table of the

Senate, showing -

(1)   What was the estimated cost of the Trea sury Buildings now being erected by the Government ?

(2)   By whom were the plans and specifications prepared ?

(3)   What area in square feet do the buildings cover ; what is the height and of how many stories are they?

(4)   What amount of square feet of floor space is inside the building?

(5)   What has been the cost to date?

(6)   What amount is it estimated will be required to complete the buildings?

(7)   When completed, what will be the total cost, setting out in detail the cost under the following items : -

Clerical work, design, and supervision.

Bricks and brickwork.

Stone and stonework.

Timber and woodwork.

Internal fittings.

Reinforced concrete.


Foundations, including concrete?

(8)   Were tenders called or offers invited for the construction of the building, or for any portion of the work?

(9)   If offers were submitted, from whom did they come ; were they for the whole work, or for portions of the work ; and what were the amounts specified in such offers or tenders, (riving details?

(10)   What time was allowed in the specifica tions to complete the building?

(11)   When was the construction of the build ing commenced?

(12)   When is it expected to be completed?

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