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Friday, 26 July 1912

Senator FINDLEY (VICTORIA) (Ministerwithout portfolio) - The answers to the honorable senator's questions are -

1.   In the case of the Yawata Maru - Yes. In the case of the Changsha - the case was one of small-pox, but the Quarantine Officer at

Townsville thought it might be chickenpox, and that therefore it should go on for further opinion.

2.   It was due to the absence of a safe means of landing the patient, who was very ill. There have been two jetties on the station at Magnetic Island, both of which have been destroyed by cyclones. On this account a more suitable site on the mainland (at CapePallarenda) has been obtained.

3.   The unsatisfactory condition of the station was reported upon in 1911.

4.   The report did not recommend that the station at Magnetic Island should be fitted up owing to the rapid deterioration caused by the salt air and insects, and provision was made on the Estimates to provide a small isolation block on the CapePallarenda site. When the Government sent the Director of Quarantine abroad the Minister considered it advisable to suspend new works pending the receipt of Dr. Norris' report.

5.   Requisitions have gone forward for the construction of a jetty at CapePallarenda, and also for the erection of a modern quarantine isolation hospital ; this will be used for actual cases. Until the buildings at Magnetic Island have been removed to Cape Pallarenda they will be used for healthy contacts who could be landed on the beach. The buildings are already being fitted out for the purpose.

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