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Wednesday, 13 December 1911

Senator WALKER - I am merely referring to notes which I have prepared. In these remarks I am actuated by a desire that the bank, like other banks, should be placed on a sound basis from an orthodox banking point of view. It will start with certain advantages, including keeping the Government accounts, but I imagine even our extreme so-called Nationalizers will discover before long that banking, like other occupations, has its own risks, difficulties, and dangers, and is not the plain, easy sailing so many good folks seem to imagine nor yet so profitable. I want the Commonwealth Bank to be a good, safe bank. But I shall reserve further remarks for the Committee stage of the Bill, and conclude with a well-worn apophthegm from Ben Jonson : -

No man is so foolish but may give another good counsel sometimes; and no man is so wise but may easily err if he will take no other counsel but his own.

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