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Thursday, 7 December 1911

Senator MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I wish to ask the Minister of Defence whether he hasnoticed the following statement which was published in the Melbourne newspapers, yesterday- -

In the Legislative Assembly to-day the Premier (Mr. Verran) told Mr.Smeaton that in the opinion of the AttorneyGeneral,theGovernment could only compulsorily take such land from South Australia for the purposes of the transcontinental railway as was necessary for the construction of the line and its appurtenances. -. Even then the Governmentwould have to pay for all land taken . either from private individuals ortheState.

Does theMinisterthinkthat theterm " grant " which isusedin sub-clause2 . of clause 3 .. of .. the Kalgporlie to . . Port Augusta Railway Bill,: whichreads-

The construction of the. railway shall not- be. commenced until the States of Western Australia and South Australia respectivelyhave granted, or agreed -to grant to the satisfaction of the Minister such portions of the Crownlands of the State as are, in the. opinion of the Minister, necessary for the purposes of the construction, maintenance, and working of the railway - authorizes him to pay. compensation for any Crown lands which may be resumed ? :

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