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Friday, 17 November 1911

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - I have given no such ruling. I merely desired to inform Senator St. Ledger as to the question immediately before the Committee.

Senator ST LEDGER - I thank you, sir, for informing me of the true position. My contention is that the form of nomination should be clearly set out in the Act, and ought not to be left to officials to prescribe. Our Electoral Act ought to be entirely removed from the vortex of party politics. Every honorable t \iator should exercise his own intelligence \ a matter of this kind. But the Government appear to have their supporters under the whip. At any rate, they are keeping singularly quiet.

Senator W RUSSELL (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - I am remaining silent in order that we may" make some progress.

Senator ST LEDGER - The Government are doing all they can to wreck their own Bill, and, therefore, to. wreck themselves. I trust that the Committee will affirm that the form of nomination shall be clearly set out in the Act, so that, when this Bill becomes a Statute, every elector may know exactly what he has to do to comply with the electoral law.

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