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Thursday, 16 November 1911

Senator CHATAWAY (Queensland) . - It seems rather an extraordinary idea that when a man is nominated as a candidate for election he should be allowed to describe his political principles on his nomination paper. He might be a candidate standing in the interests of a temperance society or a licensed victuallers' association. The main feature of his policy might be to support the views of such a body.

Senator Rae - Why not?

Senator CHATAWAY - Or a candidate might stand under theaegis of the Single Tax League. Does Senator Rae seriously think that a nomination paper should contain information as to whether a candidatewas a Single Taxer, a Free Trader, a Protectionist, or what not ? Senator Rae might put himself down on his nomination paper as a Labour man; but that might not tell the electors what they wanted to know. Some might want to know whether he was a Free Trader or a Protectionist. It would be hard for them to find out what he was.

Senator Walker - Perhaps an anarchist.

Senator CHATAWAY - The honorable senator's nominators might describe him as an anarchist. Who is to be held responsible for the description of a candidate's political faith?

Senator Rae - He himself.

Senator CHATAWAY - Are not his nominators to have someresponsibility ? One might nominate, him on the ground that he was a Labour man ; another on the ground that he was a Protectionist; a third nominator might support him because he was a Single Taxer. Would those nominators be held responsible, not only for his description, but for his political actions afterwards? Would the nominators have to stake their reputation that Senator Rae, if described as a Protectionist, would vote in a Protectionist direction after election?

Senator Rae - The honorable senator is deliberately talking nonsense.

Senator CHATAWAY - My honorable friend is always aggrieved when I cannot help him and always glad when I am on his side. Would he provide that the description of a candidate's political faith on his nomination paper was to be some sort of guarantee of what his political conduct was going to be in the future?

Senator Lynch - What would happen to the unfortunate dupes who pledged themselves that Senator Chataway was a Liberal ?

Senator CHATAWAY - Possibly a number of people who voted for me were entirely deceived, just as I am sure we're many who voted for Senator Lynch. Some may even have voted for me thinking I was a Labour man, and others may have voted for Senator Lynch believing that he was an ordinary constitutional Radical or Liberal. They might be deceived on finding out that he was a sort of anarchist, andmight wish to goodness that they had never given him a vote. I should like to see what Senator Rae definitely proposes to insert in the Bill.

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