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Thursday, 16 November 1911

The CHAIRMAN - I remind the Minister that he is travelling away from the amendment.

Senator FINDLEY - The amendment, instead of strengthening, would weaken the clause. One would think that Australians are such dullards that they will not be able to understand the plain language of this Bill. They will understand that their enrolment is compulsory, and that they must give notice of any transfer under a penalty if they do not do so.i They will know that it will be their duty to fill in certain cards supplied to them with the information desired by the Electoral Officer. When the Central Office is in possession of all the cards, they will be in a position to ascertain whether the name of the same elector appears upon more than one roll.

Senator Millen - How lean the name pf the same elector appear on more than one roll if the card system is properly carried out?

Senator FINDLEY - No human machine or system is perfect. And it is in order that every possible precaution may be taken against the inflation of rolls with names which should not appear on them that this provision is introduced enabling the Electoral Officer, if he is satisfied that the. name of the same elector appears on more than one roll, to strike it off that on which it should not appear.

Senator Long - And only after he is completely satisfied.

Senator FINDLEY - That is so. After he is completely satisfied that the name of the same elector appears on more than one roll, he will remove it from the roll on which it should not appear, and will notify the elector accordingly.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - Is there any provision giving the man whose name is to be removed an opportunity of saying that it should not be removed ?

Senator FINDLEY - No.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - That seems very unfair.

Senator FINDLEY - When the name of a man or a woman has been removed from a roll, he or she will be immediately notified.

Senator St Ledger - Where is that' stated in the Bill ?

Senator FINDLEY - It is not stated in the Bill. Every possible detail is not expected to' be included in the Bill, but provision will be made by regulation to notify every person whose name has been removed from a roll. In these circumstances, I ask the Committee not to accept the amendment.

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