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Wednesday, 3 October 1906

Question- That the word " If," proposed to be left out, be left out - put. The Committee divided.

DIVISION:NOES 14 (6 majority) AYES 8 PAIRS 0

Majority ... ... 6






Question so resolved in the negative.

Amendment negatived.

Senator Sir RICHARDBAKER (South Australia) [1.10]. - I hope that the Committee will not agree to this clause. . I do not propose to say a word about the objects of the clause, with which Ientirely sympathize. I ask the Committee to strike out the clause for reasons which have nothing to do with its objects. As I have said before, section 55 of the Constitution was inserted for the purpose of conserving the powers and position of the Senate, and to prevent any tack being made on a taxation Bill sent up to the Senate. We are now dealingwith what in my opinion as a senator is a tack. The objects of this clause have nothing whatever to do with the imposition of taxation. Those objects may be good or bad, but we should not in this matter take into consideration the particular Bill or the particular clause. We should consider what the ultimate effect might be of permitting a tack to be made on a Bill such as this. I hope that in this instance I shall have the assistance of the Government in striking out the clause, because I find that Ministers themselves opposed a similar clause, which was moved as an amendment to the Excise Tariff (Spirits) Bill, and on the ground that it was contrary to the provisions of the Constitution.

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