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Wednesday, 3 October 1906

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - Does not the Minister intend to make any reply?

Senator Playford - I am going to oppose the amendment.

Senator MILLEN - I never, met with a more extraordinary position than is created by the silence of the Minister on the present occasion. When Senator Symon was speaking, and was asked a question about clause 4, the Minister said that he knew no reason why it should be here.

Senator Playford - Nothing of the sort.

Senator MILLEN - In fact, he did not know it was in the Bill.

Senator Playford - I never said anything' of the kind. It is a pure invention on the honorable senator's part.

Senator MILLEN - I say that that is absolutely untrue. The statement that I invented what I have alleged is one that I strongly resent.

Senator Playford - Is it in order for the honorable senator to say that a remark of mine is absolutely untrue?

Senator MILLEN - Is it in order for the Minister to say that I invented a statement?

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