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Monday, 1 October 1906

Senator CLEMONS - That will not be the entire form.

Senator Guthrie - That form will apply to anyquestion which may be submitted at a referendum.

Senator CLEMONS - What is to indicate the title of the proposed law? And what is to indicate to the elector the matter upon which he is called upon to vote " yes " or "no."

Senator Keating - In one case it would be. the Constitution Alteration (Senate Elections) Bill, and in another case the Constitution Alteration (State Debts) Bill.

Senator CLEMONS - What else?

Senator Keating - That is all.

Senator CLEMONS - Surely there will be something else.

Senator Keating - Not in form B.

Senator CLEMONS - Where will the proposed amendment or addendum to the Constitution be stated for the information of the elector? Take, for instance, the Constitution Alteration (State Debts) Bill. The elector will be asked to say whether he is in favour of altering section 105 of the Constitution or whether he is in favour of adding to the Constitution a provision which would govern, modify, and alter that section. I take it that all that will have to be placed before him in some way or other.

Senator Keating - Not on this form of ballot-paper.

Senator CLEMONS - Where is it to be stated ?

Senator Keating - It will be posted up at the. post-offices and Customs Houses and also announced in advertisements.

Senator Playford - We cannot submit a lengthy and perhaps involved ballotpaper to the electors.

Senator Trenwith - The Federal Constitution was not put on the ballot-paper.

Senator CLEMONS - That was a different thing altogether. When an elector is asked to vote onthe question, " Do you approve of altering section 105 of the Constitution : so as to enable the Commonwealth to take over additional debts of the States," he ought to have the proposed alteration put before him, if possible, in a fairly concise and simple form, so that he may know exactly what he is voting on.

Senator Guthrie - We can give him a handbill.

Senator CLEMONS - How will it be given ?

Senator Guthrie - It will be posted up.

Senator CLEMONS - That will not be of much use to the elector.

Senator Keating - Let us deal with the schedule to-night. I shall not oppose a recommittal of it if that is desired.

Senator CLEMONS - I should like more time in which to consider the schedule, because it involves an important question. Seeing that we have dealt with the Bill as far as the schedule, there would be no considerable delay involved in reporting progress now. But if the schedule were passed now we might discover afterwards that it could have been improved.

Senator Playford - If any honorable senator can suggest an improvement we shall recommit the schedule.

Senator Keating - It will not get to the report stage until to-morrow.

Senator CLEMONS - If the honorable senator prefers to deal with the schedule to-night Ishall not object ; but I would prefer progress to be reported.

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