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Thursday, 27 September 1906

Senator FINDLEY (Victoria) .- As most honorable senators are well aware, the nationalization of monopolies is a verv prominent plank in the platform of the Labour Party. On many occasions, when members of that party have in the Senate and on public platforms warmly supported it, some of our opponents have said that it is not a principle that meets with the approbation of the majority of the people of the Commonwealth. We deny that assertion. In order that the people may have an opportunity to express their opinion in regard to it, we are anxious to have a Bill passed by both Houses of this Parliament formally submitting the issue to the electors. It has also been said that the coming general elections will enable the people to express their views by confirming the principles of those who are returned to Parliament. But, in connexion with all elections various issues are raised. At the coming elections, we shall have freetraders, protectionists, revenue tariff candidates, white and anti- white Australian advocates,, socialists and anti-socialists, and supporters of a large number of other issues submitting their views to the people. In addition to whom, I suppose the ghosts of the six hatters and the six potters will be resurrected. Senator Millen has made an exhaustive speech upon the Bill. He' damned with faint praise all the collective enterprises' that are owned and controlled by various Governments in the Commonwealth, and, if I followed him rightly, warmly approved of the private enterprise monopolies that exist in Australia to-day. I am glad to note, however, that in this respect he is distinctly at variance with the views expressed by his leader, Senator Symon, who, when speaking on the Anti-Trust Bill, said-

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