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Monday, 24 September 1906

Senator PLAYFORD (South. Australia) (Minister of Defence) . - I move-

That the following new clause be inserted : - "9a. No spirit described as brandy shall, after the first day of March, One thousand nine hundred and seven, be delivered for human consumption until the Collector is satisfied by the production of an official certificate given in the country of origin that the spirit is distilled wholly from grape wine."

We propose to make it abundantly clear that spirit must not be imported, and sold as brandy, unless it is made from grape wine. Our object is, of course, to secure that our pure Australian brandy is not hampered by having to compete with inferior imported spirit. In this respect, we are to some extent following the example of Great Britain, which now insists that brandy shall be accompanied by an official certificate. The information supplied to me shows -

In France at the commencement of the operation of the law of 31st March, 1903, it was decided that pure grape wine brandies should be accompanied by a white certificate, entitled " Certificate for pure wine brandies."

Brandies to be accompanied by this certificate, must be followed by the administration of French Indirect Taxes in order that it may be able to guarantee that they do not contain any other substance than wine spirit.

The English Government knowing this detail, at the commencement of the law mentioned above, have especially relied, in judging of the value of a brandy, upon the presence or absence of the certificate mentioned.

As a result the producers of genuine pure grape wine brandy have not been disturbed by the decisions of the English Customs.

Our Customs House officials will accept a similar certificate from the French authorities respecting brandy that is imported into this country.

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