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Monday, 24 September 1906

Senator BEST (Victoria) . - I see no virtue in the use of the word " standard," because I am of opinion that it will convey nothing to the public. People will not ask for " Standard brandy."

Senator Clemons - "Australian standard brandy."

Senator BEST - Or for "Australian standard brandy." I have less objection to the insertion of the word "pure," because it is a recognised qualification of a term, and will convey something. I have some little difficulty about the term chosen to designate the blended brandy, which in the Bill is to be defined as " Australian blended wine brandy."

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - It is proposed to eliminate the word " wine."

Senator BEST - The question has arisen whether " wine " should be inserted in one case and not in the other. I wish to give as reason why the word " wine " should certainly be inserted in the definition of the blended brandy. " Australian blended wine brandy " will indicate a superior class, of brandy. If the term " Australian blended brandy " were used it might convey the meaning that the spirit was com- posed of 25 per cent, of wine brandy and the balance of molasses spirit rectified up to a neutral' standard.

Senator Macfarlane - That would not be brandy,.

Senator BEST - That might be so. If the term " Australian blended wine brandy " is used it will indicate that the article is a blend of wine spirit, whilst if the word "wine" is omitted the term " Australian blended brandy " might convey to the public that, whilst 25 per cent, of the blend might be composed of wine spirit, the balance of 75 per cent, might he any kind of spirit, including molasses spirit, rectified until it has become neutral. I should prefer the word " wine." to be retained, because it will indicate clearly the constituents of the blended brandy, in my view it is necessary that the word " wine " should be retained, because of the use of the word "blended."

Senator Sir JOSIAHSYMON (South Australia) [4.9]. - Senator McGregor was good enough to refer a point to me. The honorable senator put the case of a person asking for a bottle of "Australian brandy,"' and I say that if he were handed a bottle of " Australian blended brandy " he would certainly not get what he asked for.

Senator Macfarlane - If he asked for brandy he would get the blended brandy.

Senator Sir JOSIAH SYMON - Then lie would not get what he wanted. No one entering a hotel would ask for a pure Australian brandy. He would ask for Australian brandy. Of course, if he knew 1 he difference between pure and blended brandy, he need not take the latter if it were tendered to him for pure brandy.

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