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Wednesday, 19 September 1906

Senator GRAY (New South Wales) -I wish in a few words to state my reasons for the vote I am about to give. If I thought that the recommittal of the Bill would in any way jeopardize its passing, I should not Vote for it. Believing as I do that the Bill will pass, I propose to vote for the recommittal, because I think that as a pure matter of business the expense incurred in making the survey should not exceed the ^20,000, and Western Australia should be prepared to give a guarantee to the Commonwealth in respect of any expenditure in excess of that amount. If I can secure such a guarantee by the further consideration of the Bill iri. Committee, I shall be very pleased ; but if I am unable to do so, I shall be prepared to support the Bill as it stands, because I think that the larger interests involved are such that I should not do anything which would jeopardize the passing of the measure for the reason indicated.

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