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Wednesday, 19 September 1906

The PRESIDENT - The procedure on the call of the Senate will be as follows : - The Clerk will call over the names of the senators in alphabetical order ; each senator present will answer " Here," and when the list has been gone through, the names of those who have not so answered will be again called over. No further action in the matter can be taken to-day, because standing order 275 provides that those who do not answer, and who attend in their places on the same dav, are ordinarily excused. Such senators will have the opportunity of giving a valid excuse if they are present here during the day, so that it seems to me that the proper method will be for the leader of the Senate, if any action is required to be taken, to take that action to-morrow.

Senate called.

All the senators answered " Here," except Senator de Largie, Senator Matheson. absent on leave, and Senator Sir J. H. Symon.

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