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Tuesday, 18 September 1906

Senator MACFARLANE (Tasmania) . - I should like to refer to what the Minister of Defence said in the early part of the afternoon. The honorable senator mentioned that he intended to go into Committee on the Spirits Bill, and it now appears that what he meant was that he intended to deal with the Excise Tariff Bill in Committee. I did not understand that, and I think that Senator Millen did not understand it.

Senator Playford - The honorable senator understood it thoroughly.

Senator Drake - Senator Millen would not have gone away if he had known that the Excise Tariff Bill was to be considered in Committee.

Senator McGregor - Will honorable senators promise to be good to-morrow?

Senator MACFARLANE - We will promise not to unduly delay the passing of the measure to-morrow. If the Minister will consent to adjourn now, I think it will lead to more progress being made.

Senator Lt.-Col.GOULD (New South Wales) [10.41]. - If the Minister is disinclined to adjourn at the present time, he might consent to report progress after we have dealt with the clauses of the Bill, and before we deal with the schedule. Speaking personally, I am not aware of any arrangement having been made with the honorable senator. In saying so, I think I am voicing the opinions of honorable senators on this side generally. Senator Millen will be able to speak for himself on the subject to-morrow. It would be very much, better if the Minister, instead of himself nominating some one to represent the Opposition, would permit honorable senators in opposition to suggest one of their number who should be authorized to speak for them. However, I think the Minister might agree to report progress after we have dealt with the clauses of the Bill, and leave the consideration of the schedule until to-morrow.

Senator Playford - What are we to doro morrow ?

Senator Lt Col GOULD .- We have a call of the Senate for to-morrow, and it is unreasonable to ask honorable senators to remain here late, and then to come again at 10.30 a.m. to-morrow in response to a call of the Senate. If we had had any desire to delay business, Senator Playford will admit that, if I had seen fit, it would have 'been perfectly competent for me to move dissent from the ruling which the President has just given.

Senator Playford - If honorable senators are up to those tricks, I shall move to suspend the standing order on that subject.

Senator Lt Col GOULD .- I am merely reminding the honorable senator that I might have adopted that course. I did not do so because I did not, under the circumstances, think it would be a fair way of treating the Government or the Senate. I suggest that it would be a fair thing to deal with Senator Findley's amendment and clause 2, and then report progress.

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