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Wednesday, 12 September 1906

The PRESIDENT - I cannot say that Senator O'Keefe is out of order, but I certainly think that if he intends to pursue this line of argument he ought to mention the names.

Senator O'KEEFE - I - I am the member of Parliament who was approached. I was approached by an individual in this city who I have reason to believe was authorized to act on behalf of a certain organization in Australia.

Senator Millen - The honorable senator ought to give the name, or to let the Senate probe the matter to the bottom.

Senator O'KEEFE - T - The point is, were the remarks made in a jocular way or not.

Senator Pulsford - Name.

Senator O'KEEFE - It It is all very well for honorable senators to ask for the name. The gentleman who made the remarks might fall back on the assertion, " I was only speaking jocularly." My reply was, " Oh, well it does not matter what my chances are at the election, and it would not make any difference in the attitude I am going to take up."

Senator Staniforth Smith - Was there a witness present?

Senator O'KEEFE - N - No. The Senate has only my word (hat the individual made the remarks. I am not in a position to say that they were not made in a jocular spirit, but I have my own opinion on that point.

Senator Clemons - I would not say any more if I were in the honorable senator's place. I think thathe ought not to have said so much unless he could say. more.

Senator O'KEEFE - I - I shall stick to what I have said. At all events, the incident I have related is sufficient ground for certain rumours which are abroad, and makes me prone to believe that there is good ground for the rumours that certain organizations - not the society mentioned by Senator Walker - are using their funds to further the political interests of certain members of this Parliament at the forthcoming elections, and to fight against the return of other candidates?

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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