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Thursday, 6 September 1906

Senator DE LARGIE (Western Australia) . - While we shall all agree that there ought to be sufficient Commonwealth officers to look after our printing plant, and to see that it is kept in good order, I think that it is also fair for us to agree that the State shall use our machinery. Honorable senators will, I think, assent to that proposition when they remember that long before we had any plant of our own, we made use of the State plant to do Commonwealth work. It would be very ungracious on our part if any objection were made to the State using our plant now. Apart from that, I am under the impression that, in spite of the modern machinery which the Commonwealth has purchased, the State has, perhaps, more plant than we have.

Senator Trenwith - Considerably more.

Senator Clemons - Who is to know?

Senator DE LARGIE - I am assuming that both the Commonwealth and the State have valuable plant in the printing office. But for us to say that the State shall not use our plant, seeing that we have used theirs, would, in my opinion, be a oneeyed way to look at the matter.

Senator Staniforth Smith - Does the Commonwealth Government pay rent for the office which it occupies?

Senator DE LARGIE - I understand that it pays no rent. It merely pays for the work done. Of course, I quite agree that we should have sufficient Commonwealth officers to supervise and to see that the work done for us is charged for fairly. That is only reasonable. But to find fault with the State officers for making use of our plant, seeing that we had the use of theirs, wou;ld be most unreasonable, especially in view of the fact that probablv a portion of the State plant is requisite for doing our work.

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