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Thursday, 30 August 1906

Clause 19 -

1.   The Comptroller-General, whenever he has received a complaintin writing, and has reason to believe that any person (hereinafter called the importer), either singly or in combination with any other person within or beyond the Commonwealth, is importing into Australia goods (hereinafter called imported goods) with intent to destroy or injure any Australian industry by their sale or disposal within the Commonwealth in unfair competition with any Australian goods may certify to the Minister accordingly.

2.   The certificate of the Comptroller-General shall specify -

(a)   the imported goods;

(b)   the Australian industry and goods;

(c)   the importer;

(d)   the grounds of unfairness in the competition ;

(e)   the name, address, and occupation of any person (not being an officer of the public service) upon whose information he may have acted.

3.   The Comptroller-General may add to his certificate a statement of such other facts as in his opinion ought to be specified to give the importer fair notice of the matters complained of.

4.   The Comptroller-General shall, before making his certificate, give to the importer an opportunity to show cause why the certificate should not be made and furnish him with a copy of the complaint.

5.   On receipt of the certificate the Minister may -

(a)   by order in writing refer to a Justice the investigation and determination of the question whether the imported goods are being imported with the intent alleged ; and, if so, whether the importation of the goods should be prohibited either absolutely or subject to any specified conditions or restrictions or limitations;

(b)   notify in the Gazette that the question has been so referred ; and

(c)   forward to the Justice a copy of the certificate.

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