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Wednesday, 29 August 1906

Senator PULSFORD (New South Wales) . - I find that I omitted one sentence from the article from the British Australasian which I quoted earlier in the debate. I think 1 should have read it. It is as follows : -

This Bill is the necessary complement of a measure which, as we hope, will be presently introduced into the Australian Legislature, providing for preference in Australia to Englishmade goods against those of any foreign country.

Honorable senators cannot but take notice of the strong view that is being expressed in England, and of the keen expectations there entertained of something like Senator Symon's amendment being adopted by this Parliament. What feeling concerning this debate will be entertained in England? It has thrown a strong, almost a lurid, light on the possibilities of preferential trade. The same ideas as have been expressed to-night will be expressed when any proposals for preference are brought forward. We shall be told that preference cannot be given to Great Britain because goods from foreign countries will be sent through England. All sorts of assertions will be made with a view to show how impossible is any policy of the kind. But one thing is very clear to me - that if Australia were not federated to-day,, we should have Victoria and some of the other States passing on their own account Bills such as this. We should have parties in Victoria fighting for Bills to prevent the dumping of goods from the surrounding States; and we should have the other States following suit. This consideration will give honorable senators some idea of the policy which we are pursuing towards Great Britain.

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