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Friday, 24 August 1906

The PRESIDENT - I think it would include all Governors. If the honorable senator reads the next standing order to that referred to he will see that the two, taken together, include State Governors.

Senator Millen - Does the honorable senator wish to speak disrespectfully of any one?

Senator HIGGS - I arn wondering whether I shall be held to be speaking disrespectfully of the man I have in my mind when I refer to him as an utter failure.

The PRESIDENT - I do not know to whom the honorable senator is referring.

Senator HIGGS - After all, does it make any difference? Honorable senators will understand that, if I were at liberty to do so, I should refer to this gentleman in very strong terms, and I propose to ¬ędo so when I get outside. I cannot do it in the Senate. Anyhow, there are certain gentlemen who are using their high offices in a manner which I think is not within their right. We shall have a chance, no doubt, on the public platform, ito criticise their conduct, and to support our view that Australians only should be appointed to positions within the Commonwealth service. I repeat that the work which the new Royal Commission is asked to do is work which should be that of the new Administrator of Papua. The gentleman who is appointed to the position of Lieutenant-Governor will have to decide, for instance, whether it is wise - as I have mentioned in a question in the Senate - to reduce the standard chest measurement of native carriers, or to use the funds of the Possession to .construct roads which will enable mules and vehicles to take supplies to the miners. Whatever the Administrator and the Lieutenant-Governor may do will necessarily be of a purely experimental character, because the views of this Parliament with regard to the people of the Possession are somewhat advanced, as compared with the views held by people in other parts of .the world who have charge of native administration. I" am sorry that my hands are tied, and that 1 cannot practically give effect to my feeling in regard to the Government except by the strong expression of my opinions. I regret that I cannot record a vote to cast them out of office for their action in appointing this Royal Commission.

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