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Thursday, 23 August 1906

Senator CLEMONS (Tasmania) . - A few days ago the Minister of Defence, who is the leader of this Chamber, made the following answer to a question as to the business to be dealt with by the Senate: -

The Australian Industries Preservation Bill will, unless something extraordinary takes place, be kept at the head of the notice-paper until it is disposed of.

There was a promise that, unless " something extraordinary " took place, the Bill with which we have been dealing to-night would be kept at the head of the noticepaper until it was disposed of. But the Minister, after giving his word to the Senate broke it - unless he can show that " something extraordinary " did take place - in my absence. If was not courteous to me to say the least of it. I accepted the assurance that the Bill with which the Senate has been dealing to-night, would continue to be dealt with until it was disposed of. But last night the Minister suddenly had the order of the day for the resumption of the debate on the second reading of the Judiciary Bill called on, ant? that Bill was rushed through, and read a third- time to-day. I hope that Senator

Playford will explain the matter in such a way that any honorable senator, whether taking up a friendly attitude towards the Government or not, will be able to accept his word when he makes a definite promise in regard to public business.

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