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Tuesday, 21 August 1906

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia) . - I do not see why we should wander all over the place looking for a title. I do not suppose that we shall be any better off when the Bill is christened than we are at present. I should like to direct attention to the position as it appears to me. This is not an Anti-Trust Bill - it is not for the purpose of legislating against trusts.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - I think the suggestion that the honorable senator has already made is the best one.

Senator McGREGOR - This is really an Anti-Monopoly Bill, and it only comes into operation when a monopoly becomes injurious. To what is a monopoly going to be injurious? Is it not to Australian industry ?

Senator Keating - That is the key-note of the Bill.

Senator McGREGOR - The Bill is directed against injurious monopolies, and there must be injury to Australian industries before any action can be taken and yet we are going hunting round for such titles as the >" Anti-Trust Regulation Act," "Anti-Trust and Dumping Regulation Act," and so forth. The whole purpose of the Bill is the preservation of Australian industries. No monopoly, no trust, no individual, is interfered with until their operations become, in a certain way, detrimental to some Australian industry. If honorable senators are so indefinite, why not accept the present title?

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