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Friday, 17 August 1906

Senator PLAYFORD - The honorable senator will not be in any worse condition than the members of another place, who took a similar journey last week-end, and yet met on Tuesday last at that hour. ' I think I have given sufficient reasons to justify the Senate in passing the motion. If I shouldfind that the work progresses at a rate which will enable me to get the paper cleared within the time I mentioned without meeting on Tuesdays, I shall certainly not ask the Senate to meet on that day, but I have my doubts on the subject. When it is recollected that, although the second reading of the Eminent Domain. Bill was moved on the 18th July, its last stage was not reached until the 9th August, it will be seen how long it takes to deal with important Bills.

Senator Col. NEILD(New South Wales) [10.41]. - I rise to oppose the motion, because the Minister does not propose to take for the consideration of Government business the time which is allotted to so-called private business, though he must know, in view of what has happened in another place, that it would be perfectly useless for the Senate to deal with private business, inasmuch as it could not be dealt with there. All that could be done in that regard would be simply a sort of electioneering placard.

Senator O'KEEFE (TASMANIA) - - The honorable senator uses plenty of them.

Senator Col NEILD - I do not require any placards as I am not going up for reelection, and those who are might just as well recognise their position.

Senator O'KEEFE (TASMANIA) - - The honorable senator has more notices on the business-paper than all the other senators put together.

Senator Col NEILD - I have riot a single notice on the notice-paper, so that the honorable senator is talking, as the phrase goes, " through his neck." As the other House has done away with private members' day, so far as this session is concerned, it will be of no use to the Senate to spend any time in simply beating the air in relation to private business which could not possibly come to any fruition.

Senator Macfarlane - There is the Canteen Bill, which was passed by the other House.

Senator Col NEILD - It has been put on the notice-paper in a position which suggests that it is not going to be heard of any more. There is enough business in front of that measure - in the names of Senators Dobson and Pearce - to prevent it from being reached on Thursday next.

Senator Pulsford - That is not certain.

Senator Millen - And it does not matter whether it is or not.

Senator Col NEILD - It does not matter whether the Canteen Bill is reached or not. because it will not get any " forrader."

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