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Friday, 17 August 1906

Senator PLAYFORD(South Australia-

Minister of Defence) [10.34]. - I move -

That, unless otherwise ordered, in addition to the days of meetings set forth in the sessional order of the 14th June, Tuesday of each week be a meeting day of the Senate during the present session at the hour of half-past two in the afternoon, and that on such day Government business take precedence of all other business on the notice-paper, excepting questions and formal motions.

It is extremely advisable - in fact, it is necessary - that, if possible, Parliament should be prorogued early in October, at the very latest. There is a large quantity of work to be transacted, and I am anxious to se cure sufficient time for the Senate to deal with the many measures which appear on its notice-paper, and those which will come up from another place. At the present time our notice-paper includes the Australian Industries Preservation Bill, which I hope will be read a second time to-day, the Judiciary Bill, the Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway Survey Bill, the Audit Bill, and a Constitution Alteration Bill, and I have obtained leave to bring in a Quarantine Bill. From the House of Representatives there will come up a Parliamentary Elections Bill, a Bounties Bill, a Postal Rates Bill, a Copyright Act Amendment Bill, and Tariff Bills, one of which- that relating to spirits - is expected to he here next week. Then we have to consider the Estimates of Expenditure. The Estimates relating to new works are embodied in a separate Bill, which we can amend ; but the Estimates in chief are embodied in a Bill in which we can only request amendments. It will be seen that there is a great quantity of business to be transacted. Unless we sit four days a week, I doubt whether we shall be able to close the session as early as is desirable. I therefore ask the Senate to agree to meet on Tuesday whenever it is necessary. On account of a number of honorable senators visiting certain proposed Capital sites, I do not propose to ask the Senate to meet on Tuesday next until 3.30 o'clock.

Senator Dobson - We shall all be knocked up when we return.

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