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Thursday, 9 August 1906

Senator STEWART (Queensland) - - I must confess that I am rather in a quandary about this matter. I have always been in favour of making our Acts of Parliament so plain that even a layman might understand them. I was very much struck by the argument of Senator Symon. If I looked at the index to a book of statutes, and saw the title " Lands Acquisition," I should understand it. But if I struck " Eminent Domain," and had not had the advantage of hearing or reading the debates in the Senate, I should never dream that it referred to the acquisition of land.

Senator Best - Suppose the honorable senator looked up the English Act, and found the title " Lands Clauses Consolidation Act," what would he think that meant ?

Senator Keating - The value of that title lies only in its age.

Senator STEWART - I should prefer to vote with the Government, but should like to hear some reasons why the present title of the Bill should be changed. I can easily understand my honorable friend, Senator Best, wishing the title to be so obscure that people will pay fees to him to tell them what it means.

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