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Thursday, 2 August 1906

Senator Col. NEILD(New South Wales) [2.55]. - When notice of motion was given on my behalf by mv colleague, Senator Gould, in regard to the appointment of a Select Committee to inquire into the desirability of constructing a railway between the Eastern and Western States of the Commonwealth, I was not aware of the intention of the Governmentto bring in a Bill dealing with the same subject. I was in New South Wales when Senator Gould was kind enough to give the notice for me. But I found yesterday that a Bill had been introduced in another place, and has now been sent up to the Senate, and the second reading is down on the paper for to-morrow. It would be wasting the time of the Senate and trifling with the public interest for me to submit this motion this afternoon when the whole subject will be discussed to-morrow. Therefore. I propose not to go on with mv motion ; but I wish to indicate that, shouldby any chance the second reading of the Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway Survey Bill be carried, I will then, under the

Standing Orders, move for the reference of the Bill to a Select Committee. Therefore. I do not move mv motion.

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