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Wednesday, 1 August 1906

Senator DOBSON (Tasmania) .- I should like to know what is the precise meaning of this clause. We all know that where land is compulsorily taken the Government have to pay the whole of the expense, but under this clause it is provided that -

All persons claiming any purchase money or compensation shall, at their own expense, when required, produce to the Attorney-General all deeds and documents.

The Government ' might be about to take a piece of land whichwas subject to a mortgage, and the owner would be unable to produce the deeds of the land without paying a fee for their production.

Senator Keating - The Government would pay all the costs eventually.

Senator DOBSON - The Government would pay the costs of the conveyance, and of furnishing abstracts, and so on ; but under this clause it is provided that, if a person claims compensation or purchase, money, he must produce his deeds at his own expense. They may not be in his possession, and he may have, to pay a fee to get them. I do not think that the Committee should pass the clause.

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